Tinamous supports a variety of authentication systems to enable the best possible connectivity of devices. Many Internet connectible devices support only simple methods of authentication; therefore, Tinamous is geared up to support them, whilst also allowing restrictions on what that device is allowed to do. For example, whilst API key and HTTP basic may not be the most secure of protocols for authentication, this risk can be reduced through authorization restrictions.

Forms based Authentication

By default, Tinamous supports the normal ASP.NET forms based user-name and password authentication.


Many devices have only basic support for HTTP POST and GET verbs with a generic URL. Tinamous supports using an API key as part of the URL to allow those legacy devices to be connected.


For devices you elect to support HTTP Basic authentication.

In the Future

Going forward, it is planned that Tinamous will support O-Auth to allow 3rd party services to be connected to your account without you having to divulge your password.