Internet Of Things


The Internet isn't just for people; all sorts of devices are getting connected. The connection of a device to the Internet is generally termed the 'Internet of Things'.

What can I connect

All sorts of devices can connect to the Internet and so should be able to connect into Tinamous. At the most basic, if the device can send an HTTP POST, then it can have a Tinamous account and post messages.


Other times you want more information. Tinamous accepts measurements made by your devices. These are typically hidden from the status posts, but can be easily accessed via the 'devices' page.

Status Posts

Sometimes all you need from a device is a status post. For example, a message to say movement has been detected in the garden, or the fridge door has been left open. Tinamous supports simple micro-blogging status posts.


Wouldn't it be useful to get a special notification if something important has or is happening in your home, such as the freezer door being left open and it defrosting? Alerting is built into Tinamous.